Our work is informed by a user-centered design philosophy and we excel at helping our clients better understand and serve their customers.

User Research

Proven methods for understanding your users with depth and precision. Move beyond surveys with mental models, contextual inquiry, and persona development.

Information Architecture

Deep IA expertise including content modeling, taxonomy creation and controlled vocabulary development. We develop navigation schemes, create categories, and select labels that enable users to confidently find what they’re looking for.

Interaction Design

Rapid iteration to refine wireframes, mockups and prototypes that stakeholders and end users can engage with.

Usability Testing

Methods for gathering and analyzing empirical data from users to take the guess work out of improving your designs. Experienced with remote usability testing, eye tracking studies, lab based testing and a wide range of unmoderated testing tools.

Content Strategy

Detailed plans for managing the content lifecycle from draft through quality control, publication and beyond.  If you are global, content strategy is imperative in preparing your site for multi-lingual localization.

Coaching & Mentoring

Whether you are implementing a user-centered approach for the first time or already have a mature UX practice, we can help you establish best practices and streamline your efforts.

Project Initiation & Planning

It’s not uncommon for organizations to know they need to begin a digital project but not knowing where to begin. We have a rich understanding of the landscape and can get your project moving in the right direction, including helping you identify other experts to work with, providing referrals, and guiding you through RFP and selection process.